About Us

Offroad Robotics is a multi-disciplinary engineering research group at Queen’s University that focuses on field and mobile robotics, mechatronics, as well as systems control.  We are a collaborative group of students and researchers from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,  the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, and The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining.  Prior to moving to Queen’s, we were the Robotic Vehicles Group at Carleton University (until 2010) and subsequently the Mining Systems Laboratory at Queen’s (until 2018).

Our Alumni have been hired by noteworthy companies, including MDA Space Missions, Barrick Gold Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Clearpath Robotics, Quanergy Systems, MacLean Engineering, General Dynamics Land Systems, Cameco Corporation, Shell Canada, Neptec Technologies Corporation, Epson Canada, SMS Equipment, Motion Metrics International, Golder Associates, Grantek Systems Integration, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), European Space Agency (ESA), NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), InDro Robotics, Ross Video, and Avidbots, among others.


If you are an exceptional student and interested in research, you are welcome to send inquiries to Joshua Marshall and complete this form, although you will not receive a response unless you are under consideration for a position.  If you are a prospective graduate student then you are also strongly encouraged to apply (early) for scholarship funding through NSERC, OGS, and others.

If you are an international student (i.e., not a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant): Due to the large number of applications that we receive, we kindly ask that you first apply online to the Queen’s School of Graduate Studies before we consider your application to join our research group.  This allows us to more easily understand your qualifications.


We are currently seeking highly qualified PhD applicants.  If you are interested, complete this form to express your interest (note that this is not an official application).