Dean Sacoransky (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, October 2023)
Thesis: Autonomous Vehicle Localization Using Automotive Radar and Reflective Lane Markers
Currently: Generative AI Data Scientist, IBM watsonx (Toronto, ON)

Dr. Heshan Fernando (Postdoctoral fellow, Ingenuity Labs Research Institute, January 2021 to February 2023
Currently: Research Engineer, FP Innovations (Montreal, QC)


Josh Baker (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, November 2022)
Thesis: Multi-Vehicle Cooperation over Rough Terrain: Experiments with Passive Coupling 
Currently: Mechanical Engineer, MacLean Engineering (Collingwood, ON)

Unal Artan (Ph.D., mining engineering, October 2022)
Thesis: Automatic Classification of Fragmented Rock using Proprioceptive Sensing
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor System (AASS), Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden

David Khalatyan (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, May 2022)
Thesis: Towards Modularity and Reconfigurability for Robotic Off-Highway Equipment: A Proof-of-Concept Prototype
Currently: Mechanical Engineer, MacLean Engineering (Collingwood, ON)

Leyla Khaleghi (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, March 2022)
Thesis: Deep Learning for Touchless Human-Computer Interaction using 3D Hand Pose Estimation
Currently: AI Sofware Developer, Ross Video (Ottawa, ON)

Orighomisan Mayuku (Ph.D., mechanical and materials engineering, February 2022)
Thesis: Self-Supervised Near-to-Far Learning for Terrain-Adaptive Off-Road Autonomous Driving
Currently: Stay tuned!
Formerly: Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Jack Caldwell (M.A.Sc.,  electrical and computer engineering, December 2021)
Thesis: Towards Efficient Hydraulic Manipulator Control using Learning-Based Model Predictive Control
Currently: Member of Technical Staff, MDA (Brampton, ON)

Austin Greisman (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, November 2021)
Thesis: Path Following using Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave mm-Wave Automotive Radar
Currently: Robotics Engineer IT, Indro Robotics (Ottawa, ON and Victoria, BC)

Dr. Jie Wang (Postdoctoral fellow, Ingenuity Labs Research Institute, February 2019 to September 2021
Currently: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON)

Emily Bugeja (Summer Research Associate, 2021)
Formerly: Engineering Technical Staff, Ingenuity Labs Research Institute, Queen’s University

Jeremy Roy (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, July 2021)
Thesis: Autonomous Ground Vehicle Guidance and Mapping in Challenging Terrains by using On-Board Vibration Measurements
Currently: Robotics Engineer, MacLean Engineering (Collingwood, ON)

Jeremy Kulchyk (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, January 2021, co-supervised with Dr. Karen Rudie)
Thesis: Security by Design: Reducing Information Exchange in Multi-Agent Search Tasks
Currently: Data Consultant, Validere (Toronto, ON)


Michael Fader (M.A.Sc., mechanical and materials engineering, December 2020)
Thesis: Autonomous Ground Vehicle Path Following by Combining Feedback Linearization with Model Predictive Control
Currently: Member of Technical Staff, MDA (Brampton, ON)

Naveena Pandillapally (M.A.Sc., mechanical and materials engineering, September 2020, co-supervised with Dr. Brian Surgenor)
Thesis: Force-Based Control of UGVs by Using Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Currently: Engineer IT, General Dynamics Land Systems (London, ON)

Andrew Farley (Summer Research Associate, 2020)
Currently: Master’s student (ECE), Queen’s University

Josh Baker (Summer Research Associate, 2020)
Currently: Mechanical Engineer, MacLean Engineering (Collingwood, ON)


Hugh Corley (Summer Research Associate, 2019)
Currently: Member of Technical Staff, MDA (Brampton, ON)

Florian Schier (IESTE Summer Research Associate, 2019)
Currently: Research Assistant, TU Dresden (Germany)


Jack Caldwell (Summer Research Associate, 2018)
Currently: Engineer, MDA (Brampton, ON)

Ryan Kealey (Summer Research Associate, 2018)
Currently: Automation Engineer, Komatsu (Milwaukee, WI)

Lukas Dekker (M.A.Sc., mechanical and materials engineering, April 2018)
Thesis: Industrial-Scale Autonomous Wheeled-Vehicle Path Following by Combining Iterative Learning Control with Feedback Linearization
Currently: Engineer IT, MacLean Engineering (Collingwood, ON)

Robert Hewitt (Ph.D., electrical and computer engineering, March 2018)
Thesis: Intense Navigation: Using Active Sensor Intensity Observations To Improve Localization and Mapping
Currently: Research Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA)

Scott Nokleby (Visiting Professor, 2017-18)
Currently: Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) (Oshawa, ON)


Alexandra Wiseman (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, December 2017, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Greenspan)
Thesis: 3D Object Recognition and Registration using Minimalist Descriptors
Currently: Backend Developer, League, Inc. (Toronto, ON)

Jordan Mitchell (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, July 2017)
Thesis: The Mapkey: Preliminary Design, Construction and Testing of a Novel UAV Platform for Cavity Surveying
Formerly: Engineer, RockMass Technologies, Inc. (Toronto, ON)
Currently: Consultant, Bain & Company (Toronto, ON)

Mirza Tahir Ahmed (Ph.D., electrical and computer engineering, May 2017, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Greenspan)
Thesis: Registration of Noisy Point Clouds Using Virtual Interest Points
Currently: Researcher, Epson Canada (Markham, ON)


Glen Turner (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, September 2016)
Thesis: Towards Mapping of Rock Walls Using a UAV-Mounted 2D Laser Scanner in GPS Denied Environments
Currently: Engineer, Motion Metrics International Corp. (Vancouver, BC)

Marc Gallant (Ph.D., electrical and computer engineering, September 2016)
Thesis: The Estimation of Surface Orientations and its Applications in Vehicle Localization and Structural Geology
Formerly: Mapping and Navigation Engineer, Quanergy Systems, Inc. (Ottawa, ON)
Currently: Senior Software Developer, Avidbots (Waterloo, ON)

Dr. Brian Lynch (Postdoctoral Fellow, mining engineering, September 2013 to June 2016)
Currently: Research Scientist, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Thorold, ON)

Lindsay Vanderbeck (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, April 2016)
Thesis: A Bayesian Approach to Convergence Detection in Underground Excavations Using LiDAR
Formerly: Engineer (autonomous trucks), SMS Equipment, Inc. (Fort McMurray, AB)
Currently: Engineer, MacLean Engineering (Collingwood, ON)

Curtis Watson (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, April 2016)
Thesis: Towards Estimating Friction Factors of Mine Drifts from Low Density Point Clouds
Currently: Applications Specialist, Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)

Edith Deretey (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, January 2016, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Greenspan)
Thesis: Visual Positioning in Underground Mines and Indoor Environments using PnP
Currently: Systems Designer, Grantek Systems Integration (Burlington, ON)

Julian Simela (Ph.D., mining engineering, January 2016, co-supervised with Dr. Laeeque Daneshmend)
Thesis: Towards Automated Underground Mine Surveying: Integration of Mobile Mapping with Georeferenced Geometric Beacons


James Procopio (Summer Research Associate, 2015)
Currently: Field Service Engineer, EIT at RST Instruments (Port Moody, BC)

Andrew Dobson (Ph.D., mining engineering, January 2015)
Thesis: Autonomous Loading of Fragmented Rock: Admittance Control for Robotic Digging
Currently: Applications Engineer, Clearpath Robotics (Kitchener, ON)


Carolyn Ingram (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, September 2014)
Thesis: Remote surveying of underground cavities excavated by jet boring
Formerly: Major Projects Engineer, Cameco Corporation (Saskatoon, SK)

Jordan Marr (NSERC USRA, Summer 2014, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Greenspan)
Currently: M.A.Sc. candidate (robotics), University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace (Toronto, ON)


Vladimir Vukovic (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, September 2013)
Thesis: Reducing haul truck fuel consumption in open pit mines by strategic changes to the haulage cycle
Currently: Engineer, Shell Canada (Fort McMurray, AB)

Chris McKinnon (NSERC CREATE student, Summer 2013)
Currently: Ph.D. candidate (aerospace), University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)

Michal Pasternak (NSERC USRA, Summer 2013)
Currently: M.Sc. candidate (computer science), Queen’s University

Brett Owens (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, January 2013)
Thesis: Concept design and testing of a GPS-less systems for autonomous shovel-truck spotting
Currently: Applications Engineer, Neptec Technologies Corporation (Kanata, ON)


David Pike (M.A.Sc, electrical and computer engineering, September 2012, co-supervised with Dr. Sidney Givigi)
Thesis: Dynamic vehicle routing using local communications and sensing
Previously: Software Specialist, Neptec Technologies Corporation (Kanata, ON)
Currently: Engineer, Quanergy Systems, Inc. (Ottawa, ON)

Andrew Chapman (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, August 2012)
Thesis: A field study on haul time variability in open pit mines
Formerly: Production Systems Engineer, Mining Information Technology, Barrick Gold Corporation (Toronto, ON)
Currently: Technical Manager of Mining Solutions Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)

Chris McKinnon (NSERC USRA, Summer 2012)
Project: Identification of large objects in a muck pile as part of an autonomous dig planner
Currently: Ph.D. candidate (aerospace), University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)


David Haviland (NSERC USRA, Summer 2011)
Project: Underground ramp simulation and analysis
Currently: Rock Mechanics Engineer, Golder Associates (Burnaby, BC)

Marc Gallant (M.A.Sc., aerospace engineering, August 2011, co-supervised with Dr. Alex Ellery)
Thesis: A probabilistic approach to autonomous planetary science with prime and scout rovers
Formerly: Young Graduate Trainee, Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations Ground Systems Engineering Department, Research & Technology Management Office, ESA (Darmstadt, Germany)
Currently: Ph.D. candidate (ECE), Queen’s University (Kingston, ON)

Stefan Radacina Rusu (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, August 2011, co-supervised with Dr. John Hayes)
Thesis: Real-time localization in large-scale underground environments using RFID-based node maps
Currently: President and CEO, MineView Systems, Inc. (Ottawa, ON)


Jamie Lavigne (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, September 2010)
Thesis: A landmark-bounded method for mapping of large-scale underground drift networks
Formerly: Product Development Engineer, Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)
Currently: Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services (Seattle, WA)

Alan Richards (Summer Research Associate, 2010, co-supervised with Dr. Sidney Givigi)
Project: Controlling and simulating teams of networked vehicles with degraded sensors and communications
Currently: Software Engineer, Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. (Richmond, BC)

Unal Artan (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, January 2010)
Thesis: Algorithms and experiments for globally consistent mapping of underground passageway environments
Formerly: Technical Staff, MDA Space Missions (Brampton, ON); Engineer, Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)
Currently: President and CEO, Artech Technologies (Toronto, ON)

Before 2010

Dorian Tsai (Summer Research Associate, 2009)
Project: Periodic formations of multivehicle systems
Formerly: Visiting Researcher, CLARAty Lab, JPL (Pasadena, CA); Robotics Engineer, CSA (Saint-Hubert, QC)
Currently: Ph.D. candidate, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia

Mark Swartz (M.A.Sc., aerospace engineering, January 2009, co-supervised with Dr. Alex Ellery)
Thesis: Adaptive rover navigation in the presence of unmodelled slip
Currently: Modelling and Simulation Consultant, CAE (Ottawa, ON)

Jurriaan d’Engelbronner (Graduate Exchange Student from TU Delft, the Netherlands, Winter 2008)
Project: A semi-autonomous approach to vehicle guidance in unknown tunnel environments
Currently: Equipment Engineer, ASML (The Hague, Netherlands)