This page lists our past and present academic collaborators.  I.e., these faculty researchers have directly participated (e.g., as co-investigators or co-supervisors) on grants and/or research projects held by Offroad Robotics.  Offroad is also part of the Ingenuity Labs research institute at Queen’s.

Offroad Robotics is also made possible by way of our industry and agency partners.

Active Collaborators

Past Collaborators

  • CREATE 2012-16 academic team lead by Dr. Gordon Ozinski (Western, Planetary Geology)
  • NCFRN 2013-18 academic team lead by Dr. Gregory Dudek (McGill, Computer Science)
  • Dr. Karen Rudie (ECE)
  • Dr. Ali Etemad (ECE)
  • Dr. Michael Greenspan (ECE)
  • Dr. Laeeque Daneshmend (Mining)
  • Dr. M. John Hayes (Carleton, Mechanical)
  • Dr. Alex Ellery (Carleton, Aerospace)