Riley Cooper is a M.A.Sc student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. Riley is under the supervision of Joshua Marshall and joined both the Offroad Robotics research group as well as the Ingenuity Labs Research Institute in September 2021. Riley’s research focuses on data-driven control theory and its application to robotic vehicles, in particular, to uncrewed surface vessels (USVs). He is working to identify a model that lends itself better to vehicle control by using data-driven system identification strategies and machine learning techniques.

Riley recently completed his B.A.Sc at Queen’s University majoring in Mathematics and Engineering under the Systems and Robotics option. He also completed a 16-month professional internship at Ericsson Canada Inc. in Kanata Ontario, Canada as part of his undergraduate degree.

Riley is also a member of the Queen’s Autodrive team where he is working with a group of his fellow students to develop a level 4 autonomous vehicle. The team is one of 10 teams across North America who are taking part in the Autodrive Challenge II competition hosted by General Motors and SAE.